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An interesting tale, even if the sprite's actions at the end were a bit confusing.


I really liked the movement of the sprite, it's not really common in visual novels. The atmosphere was really mysterious and got a bit spooky at the end, which was a nice twist. Good job! 

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

I was able to do the movement using this Action Editor that a helpful dev made for RenPy:


really cool , but i am kinda confused about the end :O 


The self-depreciation was relatable and I'd wanna know what makes the character like this, haha. So, cool game.


Loved the style of story telling and "yes" and "no" of that light, it was smart. The ending did scare me a little but considering that 90% of the story takes place in a bright environment, it was unprecedented. 


Ohh, a little bit of a scare was perfect!  Thank you for playing and sharing your response!


Loved it

This is so cool! Thanks for playing and featuring us!

Congratulations on this amazing project! Our work was extremely cohesive and the end product looks very atmospheric!

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Yes, congratulations!  This was an incredible creative experience, truly fun and inspiring. I'm so proud of our game.