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Short and atmospheric. 

I got the end where (SPOILER) we walk through the bear door. A very fitting end--I felt it closed the game very nicely. I wonder what will happen to the protag, but I believe that they can change uwu

The art was beautiful. I've always loved winter and mountain scenes.

Just saw a stream of this, really enjoyed it! Great work all involved! I will give it a play down the track to check out the alternate routes.


Awesome!  We plan to spend January refining the game for its official release, so keep an eye out! 

 So glad you enjoyed the stream of the game.   😃


I enjoyed playing this visual novel! The artwork's painted style is beautiful and the voice acting by Meredith Nudo and Jeffrey Stanley is lovely to listen to. Thank you for making this!


Thank you for playing, that's wonderful!  It means a lot that you were curious and enjoyed it. 


A game that knows what it's trying to do. An atmosphere curated to perfection with Voice Acting that works alongside the background music as it hums along subtly in the background as though it was meant to blend in with the beautiful art style. An emotional journey that allows the player to find their own meaning in the story and why each player is making their journey up the eponymous Mountain, mine was doing something to prove to yourself that you could. The Mountain and the Path was an experience more than it was a game but one that was well worth the short runtime. 

Thank you Bryan!

Your words mean lot, we're really proud of this project. 🤗